To enrol on this course please click on this link

Please click on this link to enrol on the course 

Street Photography in the East End

The Street Photography in the East End course will get you out onto the streets of London’s East End making images. You will learn about Zone focusing, Hyperfocal distance, Composition and develop an understanding of the history of street photography. Though the course you will gain confidence with your camera and learn how to photograph in public spaces.

Thr course is all levels and open to anyone with a basic understanding of ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance and how to change these on your digital SLR, mirrorless or bridge camera (i.e. not a point-and-shoot camera). 

Basic Digital Photography

The Basic Digital Photography course will enable you to work with your own camera and camera functions confidently. You will learn how to make effective use of your Apertures, Shutter-Speeds and ISO’s to create photographic images. 

You will work with your lens to make a range of different images exploring how lens focal lengths affect images. By the end of the course you will understand your camera controls, have explored a diverse range of images and be able to construct well exposed photographs using your digital camera.

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